mercoledì 10 dicembre 2008

Caganer Berlusconi

The caganer is a very loved and respected figure on the typical Catalan nativity scene. It is not a joke, but totally the opposite, it is a tribute to the person, trade, or activity it represents. After a very accurate design of the character, we make the plaster cast and we produce each figure one by one by hand, we allow them to dry, and we put them in the oven. After that we paint them again one by one by hand. For some years up until today this figure has became a singular symbol and cult for many collectors. In this new season we will go on working with the caganer by representing public life people such as politicians, artists, football players, etc

Per maggiori informazioni guardate la Littizzetto a Chetempochefa, del 07/12/08!!!

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